Elder Law Tools

At Davidson Law Group, our team of elder law attorneys has developed tools to help you and your family transition into your golden years. We have found that implementing these plans a minimum of five years prior to needing elder care is best for protecting your assets and your family.


One of the most common tools in proactive estate planning is a trust.  We like to think of a trust as an empty bucket in which you place all of your assets.  One of our attorneys will walk you through deciding which assets you want to place in the bucket, appointing a trustee to manage and safeguard the bucket, and designate the lifetime beneficiaries of the bucket.  We know this process can be lengthy and complicated, but our attorneys will make it as smooth and simple as possible.

Lady Bird Deed

A Lady Bird Deed is a powerful elder law planning tool.  When executed correctly, a Lady Bird Deed can prevent creditors, including the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program, from attaching to the family home after one's passing.  This allows an individual who is in need of long-term care to receive government assistance, including Medicaid and VA benefits, without risking the loss of the family home.  The elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group can advise and assist in the drafting, execution, and filing of a Lady Bird Deed.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are the foundational elder law planning tools.  As we age, we face more and more medical issues, so it is extremely important for everyone to execute a Medical Power of Attorney to someone to make healthcare decisions for him/her in the event of mental incapacitation.  A Durable Power of Attorney, which allows a person to make business, financial, and legal decisions on one's behalf in the event of mental incapacitation, is a key elder law tool because it allows your agent to execute all estate planning and elder law strategies on that person's behalf if he/she is unable to do so.  We recommend Powers of Attorney for all Davidson Law Group clients and can assist in the drafting and execution of these documents.

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