Why estate planning?

We believe that every adult, regardless of age, wealth, or marital status can benefit from speaking with an estate planning attorney. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning can be very affordable, and can be worth every penny when it comes to protect your family.

Things to Consider

While it may seem overwhelming, answering these questions will help you determine what type of estate plan will serve you and your family best:

Do you have children who are dependent on you?
If an unforeseen incident debilitated you, could they have the life they have now?
What is the likelihood that one of your beneficiaries gets a divorce?
To whom would you like your real estate to go?
Do you know how to ensure they get all of it?
Do you dislike the idea of a Probate Court overseeing your things and getting between your will and your family?
How much tax would your children have to pay on your estate?
Could they afford this while your assets move slowly through Probate Court?
Have you arranged for anyone to inherit your firearms?
Do you wish for a specific burial or to have someone perform a specific action with your remains(scattered ashes, buried in a specific plot, etc.)?
Do you wish to leave an inheritance to a life partner who may or may not be recognized?
Is your estate spread over multiple states or nations, or worth more than $5 million?
Are you worried about your pet's well-being if something happens to you?
Do you have the income and retirement funds to cover the costs of a nursing home?
Could you simultaneously afford long-term health care along with your family's expenses?
Are you worried about a beneficiary's inability to handle money?
Do you wish to give to a beneficiary whose taxes already weigh heavily on him or her?
Do any of your beneficiaries struggle with disability, either physical or mental?
Do you worry about who would make the decisions concerning your care if you get sick?
How much money, if any, do you wish to give to charity?
Would you like to leave assets to someone living with government assistance?
Who will make all decisions pertaining to your financial and health situation if you were to get sick?

How much does estate planning cost?

The cost of estate planning varies greatly from one situation to the next, and our attorneys will give you an estimate during your initial consultation. Some estates are more complicated than others, and you are paying for our expertise and guidance. By the end of your consultation, you can rest assured that you will know exactly how much preparing your estate with our team will cost.

We offer a single, flat-rate plan during your estate planning process. This gives you access to our estate planning attorneys at any time, without being surprised by a large bill for each conversation, as is the unfortunate norm with many firms that charge by the hour. Additionally, we offer affordable plans should you need to change your estate plans at a later date, and will be there to help your family with your estate after you pass away.

Starting Your Journey

Call any of our office locations and we'll gladly schedule a free initial consultation.

During that consultation, we will present you with all of your options based on the specifics of your situation. These options will include a full, comprehensive estate plan tailored to your individual needs, and at the end of our meeting, we will give you a flat fee quote for your plan. Whether or not you want to move forward is your decision, and we will never put pressure on you. Hiring an estate planning attorney is a very important and personal decision, and you must ensure that your attorney is a good fit for you and your family.

After your consultation, if you choose to proceed, we will work to gather all pertinent information and create the plans you need to give you peace of mind.

If you do not already have an estate plan, it is very important that you begin working on it immediately, and we would love to partner with you to help you secure your Texas legacy.



Growing Families

We understand how important it is to make sure your assets are protected for generations to come.  No matter what your circumstances are, if it’s important to you and your family, our estate planning attorneys will provide you with guidance for protection and plans for the future.


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