Wealth Protection

In everything we do at Davidson Law Group, wealth protection is a major consideration. No matter the type of planning your situation warrants, our attorneys will use all of the tools at their disposal to make sure that you and your family stay in control of your assets and that your estate passes to the beneficiaries of your choice, preserving your Texas legacy.

A Hand-In-Hand Approach

When planning for wealth protection and preservation, we focus on the concerns of both you and your beneficiaries.  We look at ways to protect your estate for your spouse and family should your spouse get remarried, and we can incorporate contingencies for things such as the possibility of a beneficiary’s divorce, inability to handle money responsibly, or if a beneficiary is a special needs individual.  Our attorneys will leave no stone unturned when designing your wealth protection plan.

Handled With Care

At Davidson Law Group, we assist a large variety of clients in creating thoughtful plans to preserve and protect the assets that they have spent their whole lives building.  Our clients have estates of all sizes, unique situations, and individualized goals and desires.  We understand that while wealth is not a measure of someone's character, it is something that needs to be handled with care.  We'll work with you and those you trust, including your financial and tax professionals, to ensure that your wealth plays the role that it should in establishing your legacy.

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Wealth Protection and...

Elder Law

As part of the elder law planning services we provide at Davidson Law Group, we work to preserve wealth as you face the realities of long-term care.  We will review your income sources and determine if you are at risk of losing assets due to nursing home costs or other long-term care expenses.  Your attorney will work with you to design a plan that ensures that you and your assets are protected for the long haul.

Probate and Estate Administration

As part of our proactive planning process, we will try to protect your wealth by creating and enforcing a plan that will one day circumvent Probate, reduce legal fees and other final expenses, and mitigate certain taxes.  If clients come to us after a loved one has passed, there are still many strategies to consider that can help them understand the Estate Administration process, potentially avoid Probate, and preserve the wealth in the process.

1031 Exchanges

The sole purpose of a 1031 Exchange is to protect wealth by deferring Capital Gains Tax using a certain legal procedure.  An attorney at Davidson Law Group can help clients avoid Capital Gains Tax for themselves and their beneficiaries through a combination of the step-up in basis rule and 1031 Exchanges, but this requires careful planning.

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