Gun Trusts

Understanding the law surrounding the possession of firearms is of utmost importance. The attorneys at Davidson Law Group can guide you through this legislation so that you can be more confident in your gun use and ownership.

Understanding the Regulations

Gun Trusts (or NFA Gun Trusts) are a particular type of revocable trust that allows for trust ownership of NFA (National Firearms Act) -regulated items or firearms as an alternative to individual ownership.  NFA Gun Trusts are useful in the lifetime use and enjoyment of NFA-regulated items or firearms and provide a more simple solution to pass the items or firearms to one or more beneficiaries.

When an NFA Gun Trust owns an NFA-regulated item or firearm, the trustee(s), along with the named lifetime beneficiaries, assuming these individuals are otherwise eligible by federal law to possess and use the item or firearm, can use and possess the item or firearm in compliance with the NFA.  This provides more flexibility for families or multiple people to own, use and enjoy NFA-regulated items.

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