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Throughout the Estate Planning process, you’ll work with many professional advisors, such as bankers, financial advisors, brokers, accountants, tax advisors, and others. Davidson Law Group believes in working as a team with other advisors to create the most comprehensive and individualized Estate Plan for our clients. Our collaborative approach allows for open communication between your various advisors, and ensures that your Estate Planning process is as smooth as possible.

The Davidson Way

While each client has unique needs, we always begin with a free initial consultation and provide a questionnaire to assess their Estate Planning needs and goals. During the consultation, we’re able to take a deep dive into the issues and decisions that need to be addressed in order to create an individualized Estate Plan that best suits the client’s needs. From there, our fees will vary based on the individual and the unique facts of the Estate Plan. 

Once we’ve determined the client’s needs and the individualized plan has been created, we begin implementing the Estate Planning process. We continually are in communication with the client, from document signing, goal assessment, and reviewing all Estate Planning options. We believe in continually serving our clients and building a trusting relationship via ongoing phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings in order to create and sustain the most effective Estate Plan.

After the Estate Plan has been created and all the necessary documents have been signed, our work continues with our clients and any of their professional advisors to secure alignment and funding. We are always available for any questions our clients may have, in addition to phone calls, emails, and our blog posts. 

For Professional Advisors

At Davidson Law Group, we understand that every professional organization and advisor process is different. We will work as a team to create the most effective method for assisting our mutual clients. Our Estate Planning attorneys are more than happy to adjust our processes accordingly to meet the goals and needs of our clients.

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